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We Create Your Own Online Courses !

You are an expert, coach or trainer and you want to separate your income from your working time.
We can turn your knowledge into an online video course that sells automatically.

Would you be interested to live of your knowledge by working less time?

If so send us your request for a all in one online courses package creation here.

« You create the courses, we take care of the technique and marketing. »

Attention: The offer is created from the Learnybox online training host.
If you do not have a Learnybox account you can create one here or choose option 9 (your training will be created under my own Learnybox host)


Detail of the all in one training package creation :

Hosting a training:

  • Creation of the member area
  • Creation of module pages
  • Planning to unlock training modules
  • Hosting and integration of training videos

Creating an affiliate program:

  • Configuration of commissions for the sale of your trainings
  • Creation of a registration page for partners
  • Creation of tools for the partner (banner, article, email …)

Creating a sales tunnel for your training:

Creation and copywriting of a sales and payment page:

  • Avatar and market research
  • Creating the sales page.
  • Copywriting of the sales page
  • Creation and integration of payment system
  • Creation of a payment confirmation page

Capture page creation:

  • Creation of landing page
  • Creating a email form
  • Integration of the form on the landing page

Additional options for your training:

Option 1 : Split Test AB conversion pages.

  • Split Test AB capture page
  • Split Test AB sales page
  • Every month I keep the winning page and I create a new variant to always improve your conversion rates and your sales …

Option 2 : I create your blog on your online courses host space or I create an optimized wordpress blog on your hosting.

  • Website creation
  • Blog creation
  • Creation of 10 optimized articles to attract naturally targeted traffic to your site.
  • Creation of a home page with a preview of the latest articles, a capture form and the list of sales training.

Option 3: Organization of a Webinar

  • Creation of the registration page
  • Creation of invitation emails
  • Technical assistance on the day of the presentation

Option 4 : Creating a short animation sales video

Option 5 : Transcription of a video training of less than 10h:

– PDF report creation from training videos
– Creating audio from training videos

Option 6: Create a Gift for Entries on the Capture Page (LeadMagnet)

Option 7: Hosting Additional Training

Option 8: Creating an additional sales tunnel + emailing

Option 9: Hosting your training on my own online courses host
Click here to send your request for a all in one online courses package creation with the options of your choice.